Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fresh Out of the Kiln

Blu Spotted Pot $17.50

Not 2 Red Vase $15
Lotus Soap Dish $10.50
Fresh out of the kiln and ready for you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The High Price of Art and Shipping Costs

MEMO from the desk of SAMOS

I am learning the hard way that the price of art is only relative to those collecting it. Makes sense, doesn't it? I have been pricing my work not by what I believe it is worth, but how much I think someone else would pay for it. Not such a good idea. My mom once gave me some advice that I have tried to live by in the artworld and that is, if you have a piece of art that is for sale, make sure it is set at a price that you will be happy with once the work is gone...I have seemed to forgot that little piece of advice. And now that I remember it, my prices will be going up! No worries though. You'll still be able to afford my work. =) It's the shipping costs you'll have to be concerned with. I have found that shipping internationally is about double that it would be in the US. With that said, I will be raising shipping costs effective immediately. And if it isn't stated, I will email out the cost of shipping to any buyers outside the US for the cost of shipping.

With Warmest Regards,