Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

LooK at THESE giRLs


A dear friend and her husband stopped by for a visit yesterday. I took her into the studio to see all the new things I've been working on and she asked to see the bronze muses I had made a few years ago. I had made nine small figures for a solo show in 2007. A few have sold and the others keep me company in my studio. Today I decided it was time to share them with you. 

 I first sculpted them out of wax and then they were taken to a foundry where they were created in bronze using the lost wax process. After I picked them up, I brought them home to clean them before sandblasting them. These pieces were small enough for me to sandblast myself. Then I applied a cold patina of cupric nitrate.



fannie of mansfield
Fannie of Mansfield was inspired after watching a movie. All of the sculptures I create are usually female abstractions in bronze, but this time I decided to try a ceramic piece. I used clay slabs, copper tubing and wood. Fannie was in a group show last year at the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe.

back side Fannie

Monday, November 19, 2012


bisqueware © samos 2012

Last Saturday I had a Holiday Pottery Sale in Salida. It was a lot of fun! We had friends coming in from 9 until almost quitin' time. A big THANK YOU to my parents for all their help and for letting me use their beautiful home, my husband for his help and for putting up with me the week before, and to ALL my customers! Without your love and support, this Holiday Sale wouldn't have been the huge success that it was. I sold over 30 pieces and contracted 8 new commissions!
T H A N K   Y O U!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

F I N A L c o u n t d o w n

leftovers © samos 2012
I'm busy busy getting ready for my home show this Saturday!
Today I'm packing pieces, glazing, firing...
Christmas ornaments waiting to be glazed
planters patiently waiting to be packed
Muddypotts will be closed
Saturday only
for the
Holiday Pottery Show!
personalized dog bone ornaments to be glazed
New @ muddypotts!
Ceramic dog bone ornaments. And they're personalized!
if you're in the neighborhood Saturday (salida)
stop by 1405 L St for a cup of joe
check out the Holiday Pottery Sale!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Giveaway: Spark and Inspire

Spark and Inspire in the studio

Oh my gosh! I am SOOO excited this week!!! I'm hosting a blog giveaway of one of the most amazing collaborations I've ever been a part of. Back in the spring of this year, my artist friend Robin Norgren started a blog hop with 10 women of 10 creative businesses answering 10 questions called the 101010 Project. Robin took her vision even further and turned the project into a book called Spark and Inspire! The giveaway is for a FREE PDF copy of the book (although I highly recommend you get the book too! It's amazing!)  All you have to do is leave me a comment below and share this Spark and Inspire link on your Facebook page. That's it! What a deal! So are you in?

Friday, November 9, 2012

What's New: Painting Storage

Some artists are lucky enough to have their own studio space with plenty of room to store their artwork and supplies. Then there are those of us that are lucky to have a spare room (or two) in the house or garage. My office/painting studio/art room is a typical bedroom with a smallish walk in closet. Last night my husband decided he needed to tackle his office which meant rearranging for me too. Most of my large paintings took up residence in his office closet. It is a lot bigger than mine, so it was a good fit for awhile. But he has acquired quite the collection of hunting and fishing memorabilia/paraphernalia which needed a new home, so it was time for me to do some rearranging in my storage area.

For years we've been talking about building a storage unit for my paintings. They seem to multiply around here like bunnies! Anyways, I'm not quite ready to let them go out into the pottery studio. I don't think it would be a smart move considering the temperature out there in the winter, the spiders that like to take up residence and the hay that trickles in with every feeding...with that in mind, my husband built me a nice storage unit in the art room closet.

lower storage
large paintings

upper shelf with smaller canvases

I love it! It looks great and I have all my paintings in one place. By looking at the pictures though, you can see there isn't much room at all for new work. So I'll have to find more space soon, but for now, I'm very happy with my storage unit.
Do you have a storage area for your work? What do you do when it crowds you?
I'd love to hear what you do! 


Monday, November 5, 2012

Be You with a Little Attitude

Pink with Attitude © samos 2012

I am having so much fun with the round robin art journal!
Above is Pink with Attitude with a quote from Winston Churchill:

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Isn't that the truth!

Be You © samos 2012
Be You includes two very funky but stylish girls sporting uber cool hats and gloves.
They are accompanied with a quote from Orson Wells:
 Create your own visual style...
Let it be unique for yourself
Yet identifiable for others.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Last week came and went so fast! Art journals for the week...

Life and Bikes © samos 2012

I See, I See © samos 2012

and then I couldn't resist this little dish in the Lotus glaze.
 I bet you couldn't
tell it's one of my favorites. *smile*
lil Lotus dish © samos 2012
 The Cherry Blossom Lotus Vase
is an older piece that I haven't had available
 in my shop for a while now. It would make a great
gift for a loved one that collects unique pottery.
Red Cherry Blossom Vase