Sunday, November 25, 2012

LooK at THESE giRLs


A dear friend and her husband stopped by for a visit yesterday. I took her into the studio to see all the new things I've been working on and she asked to see the bronze muses I had made a few years ago. I had made nine small figures for a solo show in 2007. A few have sold and the others keep me company in my studio. Today I decided it was time to share them with you. 

 I first sculpted them out of wax and then they were taken to a foundry where they were created in bronze using the lost wax process. After I picked them up, I brought them home to clean them before sandblasting them. These pieces were small enough for me to sandblast myself. Then I applied a cold patina of cupric nitrate.



fannie of mansfield
Fannie of Mansfield was inspired after watching a movie. All of the sculptures I create are usually female abstractions in bronze, but this time I decided to try a ceramic piece. I used clay slabs, copper tubing and wood. Fannie was in a group show last year at the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe.

back side Fannie


Mary R said...

These are beautiful! I especially like the Melponine.

samos said...

Thank you Mary!