Sunday, February 24, 2008

EmptyEasel and Art Business News

I get an email from E.E. every Sunday with the headlines of the upcoming weeks topics. I don't remember how I stumbled upon EmptyEasel, but in any case, I'm happy I did. It is a very informative blog that keeps artists update on current events that we might be interested in as well as articles, tips, techniques, etc. You can also submit artwork to be reviewed and if it is chosen to be featured, you will have more advertisement of your website, blog, and work. I think that I submitted work awhile back, but thought I would give it another shot. It couldn't hurt. You can also add them as a link which is also nice. Although I've tried to figure out how to do that on this blog, and haven't had much luck. So, I thought I would just write about it instead.

I received my Art Business News Magazine yesterday! I love reading it. You can always find out what is going on in the rest of the art world. The 30th Annual Art Expo is coming up quick. It' one of the largest art fairs in the US. I would love to be in the SOLO pavalion one of these days. And I think that if I plan it right, I might be able to make it in a year or two. It is on my list of goals. =)Anyways, ABN is a free publication, so if you don't get it and you would like to just go to their website and subscribe. It's a great!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I opened up another etsy shop awhile back. It was going to just be my photography. I decided today that I would also sell ACEO cards. I have never made any before, but always wanted to give them a try. I only had four in my store and a few hours later Thalia's Wonderland had sold!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

sick of being sick...

i hate to admit it, but i forgot i had this blog. and the funny thing is, i actually liked this blog better than the other one i started. but it's hard enough to keep one up, let alone two. i guess i'm not as dedicated as most of the bloggers we read about these days. So...i'll try and give a quick update. the last few months have come and gone very quickly. and it looks like my last post was in november!
since then, i have acquired a commission of two paintings and one photograph. the paintings were to be similiar to a past commission of a man and woman that i painted last year. the photograph, was that of a new image i call madelinevintage.
this was request was made the first week of january and was to be delivered by january 26th. the date then changed to february 9th. all in all, the paintings and photograph are delivered and we're moving on. =)

i also had several sales from both galleries and etsy! so far this year i have sold five paintings and one photograph! that is alot for me. and i couldn't be happier. =)

i am also in the process of making two new sculptures. they're at the foundry now, but i should be able to pick them up tomorrow and finish them. i'm very excited to get them done and hopefully enter them in two upcoming exhibits. one is the show in boulder city, the other in loveland.

oh, and the lastest paintings were done for the Language of the Heart Show at Planet Earth, this month.