Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As my husband and I were heading into town today, we stopped to get the mail. And to my pleasant surprise there was my Artist's Magazine! I absolutely love my art magazines! As most of you know, I've been a working artist for the past four years now. And each year I find new and interesting ways to market, network, and create.

In this month's Artist's Magazine in the business section, is an article written by Christine Sharp. It is called Surviving Tough Economic Times.
Here are twelve tips that all artists should consider:

1. Start a support group
2. Don't lower your prices
3. Be active in your community
4. Think small, sell big
5. Learn from local galleries
6. Develop internet savvy
7. Build a patron list
8. Enter and curate shows
9. Do commission work
10. Start an artist studio tour
11. Try new and creative venues
12. Keep a positive attitude

Subscribe to The Artist's Magazine! You won't be disappointed. And in the meantime, pick up this month's issue.

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