Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unruffled Feathers

I was invited to participate in Picasso Sings the Blues. It is a fundraising event for the Art Center of Highland Park, Illinois. We were sent LPs and album covers to create a work of art. I wasn't quite sure what to paint.When I first started to work on this piece, it was very dark and dreary. I liked what I had painted, but wasn't happy with the content. It was just another blue abstract painting on a record album. I walked away and left it for a few weeks. Time was creeping up on me as usual and I needed to either be done with it or paint something else. Well, like most people, I've been thinking about the economy and what is to become of our country. It can be quite depressing. I decided I can't let it get me down. With that in mind, I started fresh with a new color and a new idea.

Unruffled Feathers is about hope and new beginnings. I might be invisible to the world, but I see what is going on...

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