Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy Girl

We're one of those weird families that don't watch television. We have a nice tv, but only watch movies on it. So it's on maybe one to two nights every other week. Why? Mainly because I have the full potential to be the best couch potato you've ever seen. And then I feel guilty for not getting anything accomplished. Time is wasted and life just passes you by. Well, even though I tend to be a workaholic at times, I do have the occasional lazy streak that runs through my blood. Every now and then I come across a tv show that is on dvd or Netflix that I become addicted to. Two weeks ago, I discovered Lie to Me. I thought I would be okay, because I thought there was only one season. But I was seriously mistaken. There's three!!! So now that my Friday has come and gone, I have to find the will power to stay off of Netflix for a whole week so I can get papers written, books read, pots thrown, and paintings finished. Wish me luck!


sonyamacdesigns said...

ah, you've been working so hard ... you deserve a day off.

Anonymous said...

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samos said...

thank you Sonya! i did enjoy it, but now it's back to work! =) but i love it! hope you're having a great day my friend!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

We're the same way....we have a kick ass tv but it's mostly for movies or shows on dvd, like you said....this way we avoid commercials, which we can't stand. We have it on quite alot though cause even though we're not watching it, just the soundtrack of our favourite old movies playing in the background is soothing somehow. And the ghostbusters & harry potter movies lull me to sleep lately:D

But agree with Sonya, your a hard worker & deserves some couch potato time now and again:D