Friday, February 4, 2011

International Sculpture Show in Breckenridge

Despite the papers that need written, orders that need filled and my hubby being sick, we took off yesterday afternoon for the International Snow Sculpture Show in Breckenridge.
Teams from all over the world compete in this championship. It is a free event that is definitely worth seeing. We've always wanted to go and since we only live a couple hours away, we made the trip and boy,  was it worth it!

created by a team from Mexico
won 1st place

David's Favorite

my favorite


kid's choice

Thank you sweetie for such a fun day!
I'm inspired to sculpt now! 



Nonya said...

I had a blast with you yesterday. Thanks for. Being so much fun. Where the picture of the one I liked?

Marcie said...

OMG - these are AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing them with us. Just amazing!!!

samos said...

~I had a blast too sweetie. I'll post the one you liked. ;)

~I am so happy you enjoyed them Marcie! If you ever get the chance to see one in person, I highly recommend it!