Wednesday, December 26, 2012

s t u d i o facelift

my wall of cubbies

Last week I was telling my husband that I needed a wall of shelves for all my pottery. My art room was getting cluttered with bookshelves that didn't match, my old over sized drafting table that collected everything that didn't have it's own home, and unmatching shelves on any wall space I could find. As soon as I mentioned this, he was busy figuring out how to make what I had envisioned and off to work he went. Two days later I had exactly what I had asked for! I now have 64 cubbie holes for books and pottery! AND he also made me an 8' workbench! Now my studio is organized and feels so much bigger than it was before. All we have left to do now is the floors, but that will be another project for another day! Until then, I will be busy painting and glazing in my up scaled studio!

Thank you SOOO much sweetie!
You are the BEST!

the view from across the room

looking out my window


brendathour said...

Love the new look to your studio. Enjoy!

Kelly said...

How awesome is that?? It's amazing how wonderful lots and lots of shelves can be! What a gift! :)

samos said...

I know! I love it!!! =)