Friday, June 27, 2014

See.Me in Times Square

dunes collage © samos 2014

On July 24th, See.Me is taking over the two biggest billboards in Times Square for one of the largest creative projects ever made. Thousands of creators from all around the world will show their work in an animated collage. I'm in and showing an image of a horse painting and my newest koi piece. It's an event that anyone can participate in and like most art exhibits there was an entry fee, but this particular one is quite different. In order for your work to be displayed you have to sell one T shirt with the image on it. See.Me takes care of the printing and shipping. For the first 500 participants that reach 1000 points, they get to have their name and image on the entire board. I have until July 11th to reach that goal and so far I only have 103 points. But that's okay. Even if I don't reach that number, I'm still excited to be a part of this awesome collaboration! So, to collect points, people can LIKE your work, purchase a T shirt for $26, or a postcard for $2. Each one is worth points. Liking a work is 1 point,  a post card is 10 and a t shirt is 100 points. So there you have it. My latest art venture! Click HERE or HERE to LIKE my work (or if you so choose) to buy a postcard or T shirt.

I almost forgot...

Qianli Ma

In a Ripple of H2O

these are the two pieces that I'm showing...

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!! ~ Stephanie


NatashaMay said...

I love these two paintings! I went over there and liked them both and ordered the postcards from both. Hope it helps with your goal. :) Good luck!

stephanie amos said...

Thank you SOOO much Natasha! I was so happy to get an email about it this morning. =)