Wednesday, October 1, 2014


transformations © samos 

the beginning of a new abstract

I've been painting abstracts since high school. I remember Mr. Farney, my art teacher, teasing me sometimes by asking what I was smoking. Of course, I wasn't smoking anything! I just like being different in what I created. And looking back, I am indebted and most grateful to my teacher for the independence he gave me in his class. I was able to explore my creativity without limits.

Today, I'm still painting abstracts. They have evolved quite a bit from my younger years, but I still enjoy painting them. 

I was reading a post earlier on the Mind, Body, Green blog by Susie Moore. She talks about unleashing your creativity and it inspired me to dig into my stash of older unfinished works and break out the paints. 

It's not unusual for me to do this. Especially when I feel like painting and don't have the right size canvas that I really need.

I also decided to do something a bit different in my approach to working this particular painting. First I took a picture of it and then started adding different filters in Photoshop. I found one I liked and started to paint. I won't make the painting look exactly like the image I manipulated, but it has given me a direction that I wouldn't have normally taken.  

in progress...



René L. DeAnda, MA said...

Nice! Mr. Farney! I remember him... he was very cool and probably would have wanted you to share...

stephanie amos said...

Thanks sis! I see him every now and then at church.
I spent a LOT of time in his art room! =)

Kelly Warren said...

Wow, gorgeous! It's fun to think back on those high school teachers, isn't it? My favorite my Mr. Teller, my 11th grade biology teacher. He was such a hoot. I still remember his face so clearly.

stephanie amos said...

Thanks Kelly! I have such fond memories of all my favorite teachers. :)