Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newspaper and Paint: not so new concept

so i started a new painting today. i had a really good idea of how it was going to look this morning when i was thinking about it in bed. but that all changed once i started to work on it. originally it was going to be a rustic orangy abstract on board. it is turning out to be a bluish green newspaper collaged mixed media on board.

when i first started, i put a little varnish in a spray bottle and was going to use the spraying method. well, the spraying part worked, but then when i proceeded to rub it across the surface, it just didn't look the way i had expected it too. for one, i had gesso on the board. it would have looked alot better without, but it was already done. so i continued to cover the board with the varnish. then i saw a stack of newspapers just calling my name. i decided, why not? i'm experimenting anyways. so i sprayed on some adhesive and applied newsprint over the entire board. hmmm. needs paint. so i took it to the studio to continue with the experiment.

i must say, it was quite fun and reminded me a bit of a chagall painting. this made me happy since he is one of my very favorite artists of all time. some words and graphics from the newspaper shows through. tonight i added my own words. which i will probably remove tomorrow. but for now, you can see what it looks like.

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