Sunday, April 20, 2008

a windy sunday...

i was hoping it would be nice today so i could go for another bike ride or walk the dogs a bit. instead it was windy. all day. and i'm not much for liking the wind. so i stayed inside most of the day except to drop an etsy order in the mail. =) my faithful collector in knoxville is adding to her collection of ACEO's this week. thanks k. you're the best!

....on friday, i received a phone call about doing some photography work for a friend of mine. so i went down to her shop, Planet Earth and the Four Directions Gallery, and took some shots. while i was there, i found these really cool earrings. she was selling them for only $3.50 which is such a steal! she caught me admiring them and paid me in earrings. the crazy thing is... i would have never thought of wearing them a year ago. but you know what? as i get older and get more creative in my work, i feel the need to express myself a little more through hats i wear, nose rings, or earrings for that matter. and as i write tonight, i'm wearing my new earrings, an old hat that was given to me from an old friend, and one of my diamond studs in my nose. =)

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