Tuesday, April 29, 2008

etsy etsy etsy!!!

my good friend chaanda invited me last week to join the interior design etsy group! i'm very excited but wasn't sure if the timing was right or not since we're in the middle of buying a house and moving. but what the heck! i'm dying to get back into the studio and paint, even if it's something small. so i'm going to make the jump and contact the administrator this morning and see what i need to do to join.

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i forgot to mention i'm having a sale! from now until the end of May, everything in my etsy store is 30% off! i know it's a bit crazy, but we're moving!!! the less i have to pack and move the better! =)


Chaanda said...

Stephanie I'm so glad I could turn you on to the Interior Design Etsy Team!!! You're gonna love it!! It's funny I've been meaning to ask you for weeks now and never had a moment to spare! I knew you'd fit well with the team. Trust me it pays off. The team makes tons of treasuries of our team members and I was on the Etsy front page today! It was so neat! Couldn't believe it!! You know... you were the original who inspired and mentored me when I first started painting!! We've come along way! You've taught me a lot of what I know about painting and blogging and computer stuff!! Thank you!

ching said...

hi stephanie, thanks for commenting on my blog for my painting.

it is good to hear that you are joining interior design etsy team.yay! I had just joined the team too .. it is a great place! welcome to the team.

I am very new to Etsy.. so still learning everyday :)

see you around ...