Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anxiously Waiting...

Well, I was going to throw today, but it is really cold out in the studio and I didn't feel like freezing. So I stayed in the warm house and glazed a few pieces. And although I should have waited to have a couple more pieces to put in the load, I went ahead and fired the kiln anyways. So as usual, I'm patiently waiting...but I am excited to to see how everything turns out. I have two cups that are black on the inside and have the cappucino mint on the outside. The other two pieces are bowls. I glazed the smaller one with Poppy Fields on the inside and bright red on the outside. The larger bowl is bright red on the inside and glossy black on the outside. With bold colors like these I can hardly wait to see them

The other night I posted a blog on the designstyleguide. I write for them once a month. Anyways, I really enjoyed this post and had a lot of fun with it. Here are a few pieces I chose to feature...
And when your done reading this post read the one on designstyleguide, you might like it.

Hand Painted Clock by madteapartyfurniture

Handmade journal by ElisCooke

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