Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ins and Outs

I loaded the kiln tonight and will have a few pieces to share in the morning, but until then, I thought I would share something a little personal for a change. A long time ago, my grandpa made me a spoon holder. Sadly, it was stored in a closet for the longest time. I don't collect spoons. But one day while I was setting up my art room in our new house, I came across my special spoon holder and decided that I wanted it out in the open, even if I didn't fill it with spoons. It now holds some of my paintbrushes. Some I use, some I don't, but at least they have a their own little place and I get to see something that my grandpa made everyday.

And here is one of my bookcases filled with books on art, design, photography, gardening, and sewing. There are also some of my personal favorites that I've collected over the years during my travels from Europe. Some are about favorite artists like Michaelangelo, Gaudi, and Picasso and then there are a few from the Ufizzi, Galleria Borghese and the Van Gogh Museum. I can never have too many books!

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