Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Accidents

Aqua Mocha Planter

No one wants to make mistakes, but in the world of creating art, it can be inevitable. At times I find myself finding ways to appreciate the little mishaps of  paint that has dripped in a place I didn't intend a drip or a crack in a pot that only allows me to cherish the work in my own home. So the next time you have a happyaccident, be grateful and you may end up with a new beautiful piece of work that is unique in its own way!

Orange Ladybug Planter


Robin Norgren said...

your happy accidents ARE DEFINITELY gorgeous!

sonyamacdesigns said...

so very true and on point ... Thanks for the reminder

samos said...

Thank you Robin! ;)
...Sonya! Thank you stopping by. =)