Monday, August 20, 2012

FuLL of G R A T I T U D E


Have you ever stopped to think about how much your husband, wife, or partner does for you to make  you happy? I just can't stop thinking about how much I love my husband and how grateful I am for EVERYTHING he does. The other day I noticed that the horse's water trough was half full and I better fill it. I went to do just that and saw the water tank was empty. Hmmm. I guess I better hook up the trailer and head to town. No big deal, right? Well, not normally, except that I've never fetched water by myself. I know how to hook up the trailer and drive it to town, but I've never actually done this all by myself. So I put it on my TO DO list and went about my day. I knew as time went on, I couldn't put this task off much longer. I was laying on my bed giving myself a pep talk: You can do this! How hard can it be? Just do everything you've been taught and you'll be fine...and so I did.

Not only am I thankful that my husband can do all these physically challenging tasks (because they really wear me out!) but I am also grateful for his patience, trust, and encouragement that he gives me each and everyday.

Thank you sweetie for all that you do and the beautiful person you are. 

I love you!


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Jeanne said...

You are such a wonderful daughter-in-law too! I have the best kids!!!