Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pottery+Pottery = aLOTTA Pottery

A quick update for MuddyPotts:

Two different online stores will now be carrying select MuddyPotts! The Leif Shop and Comfort-Goods  will be selling items directly from me very soon! I'll keep you posted...


In camper news...My husband was hard at work building a cabinet for the ice box and adding trim before the doors are put on...

getting ready for the icebox

newly paneled icebox and trim around cabinet doors

another angle

This week I'll be busy sewing cushion covers, making curtains, and prepping the windows for installation...getting closer to our first camping trip!


Kelly said...

That's great news about your online venues and I'm so jealous over your camper projects!! That looks like SO much fun!!
Have a great weekend~

samos said...

Thanks Kelly! I'm entering unfamiliar territory, but very excited! And the camper IS a ton of fun! Can hardly wait to take it out! =)