Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Composting Gratitude

morning sun © samos 2012

I was reading my friend's blog this morning and was reminded how fortunate
 we are to live in such beauty.
I'm surrounded by tall pinon pines, the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, and
of course all our critters.

Lumpy saying hi

our Lexi girl
Neo eating breakfast

* (Daisy and Oscar didn't want to participate in picture taking today.)
As most of you know, I love gardening! I am by no means anything like my father who is an AMAZING gardner, but I like to dabble... I've had a small vegetable garden for the last six years and I'm finally ready to get a little more serious. By serious, I mean I need to start composting and get that darn green house built! Anyways, yesterday my parents stopped by for lunch and then Dad and I  built my compost bin! I've been needing to do this for quite some time and just haven't got around to it...
compost bin out of pallets

the corner that i enter to tend to the compost
It is a very easy bin to build. We used FOUR wood pallets that my husband salvaged from work. Each one was tied together with wire and then we used twine for the gate. After we finsished, we decided that we could have used twine for all the corners but the wire worked fine. Now that the bin is made I can start adding organic scraps from the kitchen: coffee grounds, unused fruit and vegetable skins, eggshells...oh, don't forget about the aged horse manure. No shortage of that around here!
Do you have a compost? I'd love to hear about it!


Robin Norgren said...

so fun to see your critters!

samos said...

=) Thanks girl! My Lumpy never takes good pictures, except today I caught him but the gate was in the way!!!