Monday, October 15, 2012

In the Works

purple cosmo planters © samos 2012
So much has been happening lately, I don't know where to start! Last week I was reminded that the holidays were fast approaching. It's obvious to most people, but I'm one of those that is off in lala land most of the time busy doing my own thing and not paying much attention to important things like holidays. Anyways, I felt a rush of panic and started thinking about new pieces of pottery I want to make, paintings I'd like to start, and then there's that compost that I want to get made before it snows too!

But first things first...

Mark your calendars because I am having a first time ever Holiday Pottery Sale in Salida on November 17th! I'm very excited about it! I'll be hosting it at my parent's house and will have lots and lots of pottery + lots of yummy treats + lots of fun! So don't miss it! I'll let you all know the closer the date gets, but for now, SAVE the DATE!
I've benn working on my website too. I was tired of the old look and needed something fresh and new. Have you been by lately? If not, please stop in and take a look! Let me know what you think. I love feedback. Good or bad. I can take it. *grin*
My artist friend Robin Norgren mentioned a website the other day for painters called daily paint works. Of course I just had to check it out. And, well, I joined. I couldn't resist the challenge. So if you noticed, I added another page to my blog called Daily Paintings. Each day I complete a new painting, I'll post it on that page. Those paintings will be for sale and can be purchased several ways:
through ETSY, Daily Paint Works, or by emailing me directly.

desert horse print © samos 2012

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful fall!
I look forward to hearing from you!


Kelly Warren said...

oh, the purple pots are so incredibly yummy! i love the daily paintings idea, but i doubt i'd be able to keep up! off to visit your new website.

samos said...

Aw, thank you Kelly! You know what? I'm wondering if I can do it myself, but I'm sure going to have fun trying! Thanks for stopping by my friend! =)

longstringer said...

Such a cute little guy

samos said...

Thanks sweetie! xo