Friday, March 22, 2013

a peek into my world

I thought I would take a few shots of what I surround myself with in my studio for inspiration...I have lots of plants, but this one is my newest jade sitting on a shelf not far from my computer...the cubby that holds a couple herb planters is housed with one of my favorite watercolors that my mother painted years ago and the last cubby has one of my favorite pieces by my artist friend Robin and two of my ceramic pots...

© samos 2013
© samos 2013

© samos 2013



René L. DeAnda, MA said...

Hi Sis! I love your vid! I see Mom's daisys back there too! I remember when she painted those... ;) it was a very long time ago!

I won't get to see you this weekend, but it was nice to see and hear you on your video!

Love you!

samos said...

Thanks sis! Glad you liked it! I love that painting of mom's. =) Hope to see you soon! i love you! xo