Monday, October 28, 2013

Full of Gratitude

© samos 2013

the morning came early for me today and that's okay. i have a lot i want to do and more that needs to get done. but before i start, i'm going to finish my tea and share with you a few things i'm so very grateful for...
  1. God, the breathe of life and opportunity he's given me 
  2. my amazing family, near and far
  3.  a life full of love and happiness with my soul mate
  4. my gift to create with my mind and my hands
  5. friends. too many to count or name. without them i wouldn't be who i am today.


Anonymous said...

Your such a great woman, the best wife in rhe world, my best friend! I miss you, I love you!

stephanie amos said...

I love you baby!!! I miss you too! xoxo