Thursday, October 3, 2013


Thalia in Wonderland © samos 2013

Yesterday I received exciting news that my work will be exhibited at the See.Me Gallery and Projections Garden in Long Island City, NY! Actually, I had been accepted a few months ago but wasn't sure of the dates. Looks like the opening will be THIS Saturday! I so wish I could be there to see all the artwork and the people at this amazing event! I am hoping that my husband and I can take a trip out there in the next couple weeks to see the exhibit at the gallery. If you or anyone that you know is going, my work will be projected at 6:52 pm. Give or take 10-15 minutes before or after the given time. 

 The artwork projections will be shown on the 42-story Linc LIC building. The viewing will take place across from Linc LIC, at “The Rockrose Lot” which is also showcasing the sculpture “Parting” through a partnership with Socrates Sculpture Park.

 So, if you see Thalia in Wonderland projected on a tall building on the east coast somewhere, you know who the artist is. 


Jamie Lee said...

That is so cool!

stephanie amos said...

Thank you Jaime! I think so too! =)