Thursday, August 28, 2014

painting in progress

in progress © samos 2014

I was inspired by a photograph taken by @felecool on Instagram. The painting doesn't look anything like the photo, but then again, its not supposed to either. It's a 16 x 20 mixed media (watercolor and acrylic) on canvas board. 

detail © samos 2014

another detail © samos 2014

I must be ready for fall...are you?

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! ~ samos


René L. DeAnda, MA said...

HI SIS! I LOVE IT!!! Happy fall to you too! The weather is already chilly in Denver... it's usually still hot at this time of year but the cool weather is a welcome change!

stephanie amos said...

Thanks Sis!!! It was quite chilly here in the mountains this morning. Guess it was in the 30's! Hope you have a great weekend! I LOVE YOU! xoxo