Friday, September 5, 2014

P O T T E R Y: p a c k i n g + s h i p p i n g

As an artist, I'm always concerned about the delivery of my work to its final destination. After all, I put my heart and soul into creating it and want my clients to be happy with their investment. 

When I first started shipping pottery, I did some research and tried different ways to ship my pieces. This involved double boxing them which was quite expensive. When I started working in wholesale, one of my clients was put off by the cost of shipping and told me how she shipped her fragile pieces. Since then, I've stopped shipping everything in two boxes, but still use my fair share of bubble wrap and newsprint. 

I have a large order of plates going out today and thought I would share my process:

wrapping the plate

I prefer to use the large bubble wrap and order it and my boxes from Uline

the wrapped plate

all twelve plates wrapped

I am currently waiting for my large boxes to be delivered this morning and it's throwing off my day a bit. So I may end up packaging these guys up in two 12 x 12 inch boxes instead of one 
18 x 18 inch box. But for the sake of this post, I'll go ahead and demonstrate how I pack my boxes. I like to use new corrugated boxes and newsprint or recycled packing material.

first layer of newsprint
 I line the bottom layer with crumpled newsprint and then place the first item in the center. 

first piece 

I surround the piece with the newsprint so that the edges of the pottery aren't touching the sides of the box or another piece of pottery. Don't pack too snug. There should be a little room for shock absorption in the event the box is dropped. 

protected with newsprint

 I always include a handwritten thank you to all my clients and enclose a business card. Lately I've been making my cards. I think its a nice added touch. 

handmade thank you with a business card

almost finished

If you're a potter, how do you ship? I'm always open to new and improved ways to do business better! 

Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post on shipping pottery and a little insight how I sell my work. 

Have a wonderful weekend! ~ samos

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