Monday, July 9, 2012

@ the Farmer's Market

 I finally made it to the Farmer's Market this last Saturday in Salida. It was filled with booths full of handmade goods, fresh produce, and friendly folk. Since it was almost over, I had to make it a quick visit, but still found some great finds. First I stopped off at the Vino Salida booth and picked up a bottle of the Vino Rosso for a dinner party. It was a big hit and now I have to go get myself another bottle!

Then I found THE coolest t-shirts ever screen printed by Farrah Fine. How can you go wrong with chickens and bicycles? She's making mine special, so when I get it, I'll share it with you!

The last booth I stopped off at was the Sweet Pea Farm. Two reasons this one caught my attention. The first is that  Sweet Pea has been one of my nicknames given to me by a friend of my mother, so I'm kind of partial to the name. Secondly, they were selling pure, raw honey and I couldn't pass that by! I ended up buying a pint of the high altitude wildflower honey.
It is D E L I C I O U S!!!

I'm not much of a summer girl, but Farmer's Markets definitely are a perk of the season!

Do you go to yours? Support your local businesses!
Buy Home Grown and Handmade!
It's the only way to go...

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