Monday, October 4, 2010

...not my forte

Decorating has never been my forte. I feel like I have no style when it comes to putting a room together. And now that I have 1/2 of a house without vinyl wallpaper, I can actually adorn the walls with some art!

I usually have a large painting over the mantel, but yesterday I liked the staggered look of this diptych abstract I painted last year.

Here is my newest favorite corner of the house! My mother-in-law brought us an end table awhile ago that had been out in the pottery studio. It then made its way into the spare bedroom and was covered with a white sheet and piled with pottery. I decided it was time for a face lift. I painted it a matte black and nestled it into the corner which will house our pellet stove someday. But until then, this little table has a new home! And I'm loving all the color!

...and our dining room now has New Monday on the wall which was in the living room. I like it so much better in there. It pulls all the browns together with a hint of color.


NatashaMay said...

Oh, I'm jelous! :) You get to put your art on the walls. I have no decorating style either.:)

samos said...

Poor Natasha! I would go cRaZy without art on the walls! =)

sonyamacdesigns said...

I just want to say HOW much I love the lamp ... I like it so much .... I've lost sight of the decorateN all together!

samos said...

Sonya, that lamp was in my grandparents' basement. I just inherited it. The base was a speckled blue and a little much, so I put a bit of brown paint on it. =) I love it too! Thanks girl!