Wednesday, March 21, 2012

life of a potter

my boy, Lumpy
I started the kiln this morning @ 6:30 in hopes that I will be up this evening to glaze the newly bisque ware to fire once the meantime, I've made a run to town to pick up more supplies (clay, glaze, etc.), went for a walk with my friend and our dogs, gave the littlest one a bath since she happened to roll in 2 piles of horse manure along the way, and watered the horses. I would have loved to plant my gladiola bulbs, but the wind has been nonstop all day.

I suppose I should take advantage of the warm pottery studio and do some throwing before it's time to's to having a productive day! Cheers!


Jeanne said...

Love the pic of Lumpy!

samos said...

Thanks! He usually takes bad pictures, but I like this one too! =)