Sunday, January 13, 2013

a slow start

i have big plans this year for muddypotts and for new works in the painting studio. i already told you that, right? well, i'm off to a slow start...but i'm trying my hardest to get back into the groove of things. for the last few days i've been out in the pottery studio working out of my comfort zone. i had a request for a large lotus planter with specific dimensions. as most of you know, i work mainly in small ceramics. so this request has been quite the challenge for me. i have extended my efforts to large bowls too and so far haven't had much success. once the pieces are made, they have been cracking during the drying stage. i've lost three due to cracking and one blew up in the kiln.

large planters

loved this big bowl

bowl leftovers

more bowl leftovers

so after working in clay for almost a week with not much luck, i've decided to take a little break and return to my paint and's a peak at what i've been working on in the painting studio:

© samos 2013

© samos 2013

© samos 2013

© samos 2013


Kelly said...

I just love your water colors!! And good luck with the bowls.... Ceramics does tend to keep us humble, with all the problems!

samos said...

Thank you so much Kelly! Yes, ceramics does have a way of doing just that, doesn't it? I may just end up shaving my head so I don't pull all my hair out! (jk)