Monday, January 14, 2013

for the love of snow

from the studio

i love waking up to snow! it's so magical. soft. cold. falling from the sky...
my dad thinks i'm crazy because i love winter so much, but i know i'm not the only one. there are lots of people that love to play in the snow. and i just happen to be one of them. when i was in college, my brother taught me how to snow board. i loved going down the slopes with snow capped trees hovering over and the sun shining on my face. i have since given up the sport, but have picked up snowshoeing. since i love to hike it was the perfect alternative. i'm looking forward to more snowfall in the next few's to LOTS of SNOW!!!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I think you're living my dream life... Colorado, studio, horses, art. I literally have visualized that and wished for it, but I'm not there yet.

samos said...

Thanks for stopping by Wendy! When you make it to Colorado, please look me up! I love connecting with fellow artists. =)