Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3rd Street Gallery

me, next to Red Wood, my newest sculpture

It has been a very busy two weeks, but now summer is slowing down and I'm getting back to my routine. Last week I volunteered to help with the Faun and Flora show at the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe.

Morning Dew, Reflect II, and Dandylion

On Sunday my family and I went out on Lake DeWeese to do some canoeing and kayaking. It was a blast! It was my first time in a kayak and now I'm totally hooked. After our bout on the lake, we went into town for an ice cream and stopped by the gallery to see the show.

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BouncyDragon said...

Awesome! Hey what is the red wood sculpture supposed to be anyway? jk... love you! Sis xxxooo