Monday, August 9, 2010

Bragging About Art: Question #4

4. What do you like/love about being an artist?

-the process of creating a photograph, from taking the picture to printing it in the darkroom

-"seeing" the image in my mind and then seeing it completed with my eyes

-the zone I get into when I'm working

-the materials I use: paint, brushes, clay, wax, marble, bronze, cameras, enlargers...They all have their own unique qualities that are so fun to work with.

-sharing my work with people all over the world

-making new friends with other artists at art shows, galleries, and online

-the freedom and independence to be creative everyday

-the diversity of tasks that are done throughout the day as a working artist

-learning new techniques and being stimulated by color and texture

-sharing what I have learned with other artists

1 comment:

Cheney Markun said...

great answer, i totally agree with it all (ok, i still have a day job at the mo but i totally get all those things too! I'm already a full time artist in my mind!).