Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pueblo Day Trip

Two days ago I was in the middle of glazing when I remembered that it was Monday. Let me start from the beginning...

Several weeks ago I helped a juror with a show at the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe. It was there that I made two new friends, Joni and Lolita. They both live in Pueblo. I told them that one of these days I needed to go and check out the art scene in their hometown. With this being said, they wanted me to be sure and call them when I came down so they could give me a tour and Mondays happened to be the best day for them.

... in the middle of working I decided to give Joni a call and see if she was busy. Of course she was, but when I told her that I was thinking of coming to Pueblo she said she would drop everything and be my guide. And that was the beginning of a great day!

Once I arrived, Joni took me to a fabulous little Mexican restaurant called Jose's on Union. I highly recommend it and can hardly wait until my hubby gets home so I can take him. After a delicious lunch we went to see a new ceramic co-op called Cup and Bowl, but they were closed. I believe their days of operation are Wednesday-Saturday, so I will definitely be going back, but from what I could see through the windows, I'm going to just love it!

We then went down the street a bit to a little piece of heaven, Latka Studios. It was there that Joni introduced me to her friends, Tom and Jean Latka. As I was walking through the beautiful garden entrance to the gallery/studio, I knew I was about to meet two very talented artists. Tom and Jean work in clay and glass. They were kind enough to show us what they were currently working on and invited us into their studio. As we were leaving, I was given a gift of Ceramic Extruding, a book that was written by both of the artists.

After we left the Latka's, Joni took me to Steel City Artworks, another co-op gallery for artists in Pueblo, the Sangre de Cristo Center for the Arts, and the Pueblo Art Guild in beautiful Mineral Palace Park.

I can't thank Joni enough for the lovely day I had! It was so much fun and a much needed break from the studio. Thank you Joni! xoxo


sonyamacdesigns said...

I am in love with the red poppies vase, I tried to follow you tonight but for some reason, I could not. Mexican food (true) is my fave.

samos said...

Thank you Sonya! I know. Wish you were closer, I'd take you there too! =)