Monday, December 27, 2010


cotton rose (c) samos 2010
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now that the anticipation has come and gone I'm feeling that sense of ...what should I do now? I want to start some resolutions early like:
  •  start doing yoga again regularly
  •  take more walks
  •  read more books
  • try new recipes
  • plant those bulbs (if it's not too late)
  • rearrange the art studio
  • finish remodeling the living room
The list goes on and on as I'm sure yours does too. But I am also feeling a sense of ease, if that's the word I'm looking for. It's this feeling of taking my time and not rushing into anything. It seems like we're always in a hurry to do this and that. Why? Is it so important that we let our lives pass us by without taking time to smell the roses, even if they are made of cotton?

daisy (c) samos 2010


Lori Sanders said...

I hear ya. Just finished my list....

Anonymous said...

Oh with you on this! It is way to easy to let life just get on with it without us!

Lovely post!

mysticwynd said...

I can definitely relate! I'm still working on my list, but I know it's going to start with getting back in touch with my inner self - I get so caught up in life that I forget to "live" at times!

Great post! I wish everyone success in accomplishing their goals in 2011!


Marcie said...

Gorgeous soft images. And - yes - there is a sort of that the busy-ness is over.