Friday, December 3, 2010

Sew, Sew, and Dreams of Kissing Under the Mistletoe

I love making Christmas presents! Especially for my nieces and nephew. In this day and age where materialism has consumed almost everyone, I like to bring the simpler joys in life to our young ones. (Even if they really don't "get it"). I have been waiting for it to snow since that is my favorite time to sew. But since it's already the first week of December and no snow at our place, I decided to give in and break out the sewing machine anyway. I have two pillows done, two to go and then a couple of stuffed bears to make.

Last month I signed up for an ornament exchange that Jennifer at the JRU Studios hosted. So far I have received five of the most beautiful, unique ornaments I've ever seen! I love them! It's such a treat to get a little piece of art in the mail!

peace by jill metz tree by anita kropf
2. christmas bird by diana mulder
3. quiet strength angel by cindy fort

Tomorrow is the Holiday Show at the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by the opening. It's from 5-8pm. I have six pieces of pottery on display.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you back on Monday!


Elizabeth GLZ said...

Hi Steph, I was so hay reading your post and seeing all those ornaments. I have three of them, just like you. But I received, too your lovelty ceramic tree. I is a delight to open the mail these days.

Have a wonderful and lovely weekend!

sonyamacdesigns said...

I need to sew ... as well ... hopefully today as I'm kickN it into high gear to bring my children some computer FREE Mom Days 4 Christmas!