Wednesday, December 8, 2010

European Travels

prague (c) samos 2010

The other day I mentioned that I was taking a walk down memory lane and thinking about all the places I have been so fortunate to visit in my travels. Then I was thinking about all the new paintings I could do in honor of these memories that I don't ever want to lose. And that's just what I did! Well, I started anyways. Sienna and Prague are the first two and there will be more to come!

sienna (c) samos 2010

green teapot

Here's my second teapot too! Green as in "greenware", not the color, although that might not be a bad idea!


tuckaway hearts said...

You are soooooo talented! Love your paintings!

Holly Hartwell said...

Awesome stuff, I particularly like your multi-media, very luscious.
Muddypotts are so cool.

Robin Norgren said...

what a fabulous way to capture your travels on a larger scale than simply a travel journal-BEAUTIFUL WORK. Oh and I am DROOLING over the teapots!

samos said...

thank you all so much for your wonderful sweet words. i can't tell you how much i joy i get from reading them. =) sending much love your way!