Monday, June 18, 2012


i can remember buying magazines such as ELLE and BIZARRE when i was in junior high. i didn't read them, but i did copy images for sketching. i loved drawing all the beautiful women with their crazy looking clothes. you know the ones i'm talking about? they would be wearing feathers or fur and have really bright makeup on. and then when i was a little older i started getting a subscription to ARTnews. and that was to read and educate myself about other artists around the world. i have never been much of a collector, but when you look at my bookshelves, there is usually a shelf or two dedicated just to my art mags. and throughout my twenties, whenever i moved somewhere, the magazines came too.

the last few years i've been on the computer more than reading art magazines. i've let my subscriptions run out and now read artist blogs and look over their websites. i find myself bouncing all over the place, not really soaking in much of what i've seen or read. and every time a computer of mine dies, i have to start all over favorite-ing new art blogs and artist websites. always a bummer.

i don't know. there's just something to be said for picking up your mail and finding your monthly art magazine in the box and then head home to thumb through it over coffee. but if you're the type of person that is trying really hard to save the planet and cut down on your magazine subscriptions, you can always download your favorite subscription, provided the magazine you want offers it. I know ARTnews does. =)

Here's a list of art magazines that you might like:

ARTnews- founded in 1902
20x20-London based arts and literature publication
Artforum-est. 1962 in San Francisco, now based in New York, US
Artnet-based in New York, Berlin & Paris
Sculpture-published by the International Sculpture Center

 photography magazines:

Black and White Magazine
Aperture-quarterly on photography; based in New York, USA

Do you subscribe to any? I would love to hear what you read. And after writing this post, I'm off to renew a couple subscriptions...
I miss my magazines!

*artist disclaimer* if i don't hold on to my magazines forever, i DO recycle!


Amanda Makepeace said...

This might sound a bit odd, but I try to avoid reading Art magazines. LOL I find it interferes with my creative flow. :D I will occasionally flip through them when I'm at a bookstore, but I might buy 1 a year.

samos said...

It doesn't sound odd at all Amanda!
I know what you mean about "interfering with the creative flow". I feel that way about all this social networking. It's colliding with my creativity and productivity! =)

Amanda Makepeace said...

I can relate, Stephanie. Social networking has become a necessary evil. :)