Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Running Wild

running wild © samos

Our beautiful state of Colorado is on fire. As of yesterday there were ten active fires. My heart aches to see our beautiful state go up in flames. I am praying for all the people that have been displaced from their homes, all animals (domestic and wild), and all firefighters...

houses burning outside of  Colorado Springs

If you would like to help anyone in need during this difficult time, 9News has an article about what you can do to help...
click HERE to read it.

photo taken from Dillards parking lot in Colorado Springs


Mary Richardson said...

The fires there are really heartbreaking! I felt the same way when I lived in California and fires destroyed so much!

samos said...

Aren't they? I can't imagine how the people that are directly affected feel. It's such a tragedy...Thanks for stopping by Mary! Wishing you the best!