Friday, June 8, 2012

What First?

detail (painting in progress)

detail 2

detail 3

I had a very productive but relaxing week with my husband. We accomplished alot around the house and now its back to the studios. I have several projects in the works and as always, not sure where to start! Paint, glaze, throw...or...

I was just talking with a dear friend of mine about an encaustic camp she's attending in Portland this July. I have always wanted to learn about encaustics but never looked into it much. It seems like I'm always getting sidetracked with other shenanigans. But the conversation sparked my interest a little more and now I have a book coming from Amazon:

It's by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. I'm excited to get it and start exploring with wax and brushes! I'm not a stranger to wax since I use a brown victory wax when sculpting my abstract figures, but I have never worked with other waxes. I probably won't be able to wait until I get the book to start experimenting. I see a run to town for art supplies in the very near future. (smirky  grin)


1. (verb) painted with wax colors fixed with heat, or with any process in which colors are burned in. 2. (noun) a work of art produced by an encaustic process.


I am still working on my instep2souls project too! If you or anyone you know takes pictures of their shoes or feet with a phone camera, I would love to add it to my collection! Just email me at .

I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend!