Monday, June 25, 2012

Encaustics with Kids

My nephew has been visiting for the last few days and we always make art while he's here. We had already dabbled in ceramics the other night and today I wanted to experiment with something new. Last week my Encaustic Mixed Media book arrived in the mail. I've been waiting for an opportunity to take on one of the projects and with Anthony being here, it was the perfect time!

I had picked up some art supplies throughout the week. We had almost everything to create an encaustic piece with acrylics and wax. The only thing that I really need and don't have yet is a heat gun, so I used a hair dryer instead. There was also a time where I used a propane torch, but I operated it and with my nephew at a safe distance.

cutting the beeswax

First we stamped our 4.5" square piece of wood with acrylic paint and then put masking tape across a third of the board. Next, we brushed a layer of wax, letting each layer dry before we applied another.

stamped, taped, and waxed

After a couple layers of wax were applied over the paint, we placed a stencil in the warm wax, let it cool, and then brushed wax over it several times.

after using the stencil

Anthony's completed encaustic mixed media
Anthony did an amazing job! I really liked how it turned out. He even signed the back in wax! 

my first encaustic mixed media with acrylic
After the first one, I had to try one more, but this time with the propane torch. I used it like a wood burner, gently burning the square on top and bottom. Then I brushed the melted wax over the wood with several layers, letting each one cool in between the next application. Next, I used the stencil like I did in the first project and then carved into the wax with a double ended stylus. Finally, I took a black sharpie and wrote the words....

mixed media with stencils and ink

We had so much fun! I can hardly wait to make more. The book walks you through several projects ranging from playing with shellac to embedding fabric in wax. I'll share my work as I experiment. Until then, have a great week!

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