Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What You Say Matters

reflections © samos 2012

Yesterday I was reading a newsletter that I subscribe to. It was discussing what you say and how you say it can affect someones feelings. Now, most everyone knows this information, but do we actually STOP to think about the effects we have on people and apply what we know in our everyday lives? I know that I try, but truthfully, it's not something I often think about. Unfortunately I have hurt people with my words and/or actions from time to time,not meaning to, but unaware of what I was doing. I know that after the fact when I was aware of what I had done, I rarely had the courage to own up to my actions and apologize. But when little reminders are given to us through reading an email or watching children play or hearing about an old friend that has lost a parent...we seem to take the time to notice how we act towards others.

So the next time your in a hurry or don't feel well, try not to take it out on the person your talking with. They deserve the BEST of you!


Mary R said...

This is an excellent little reminder! Thank you! I know that I feel awful when someone complains or says irritable things to me, so I really try to avoid using that kind of language with someone else. The interesting thing is that the opposite is also true. We can make others happy and energetic with what we say too.

samos said...

So true Mary! I was going to say something about that! Thank YOU for mentioning it! =) Have a wonderful day!