Thursday, May 31, 2012

i'm hooked

a new shot for instep2souls
It's only been a few months since i joined the instagram craze and i am totally hooked. It is amazing to see the world at your fingertips through someone else's eyes. This concept is almost too big for my little mind to wrap around, but...i get it. i've always been a very visual person and i can see how people can get lost in daydreams, photographs, books...
indian paintbrush in the yard

on the way home

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Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Oh yeah, I'm hooked. I love the connection. Happy day to you!

Jenny :)

Amanda Makepeace said...

I'm soooo hooked. Photography has been a serious hobby ever since I received my first SLR camera at age 18. But now I shoot more with my iPhone than my Nikon! I even have a fancy little Macro lens for my phone. My daughter laughs at me, but I don't mind, I'm a happy clam.

Leanne said...

Oh, dear . . . I'm not hooked . . . yet. I'm going through some down time from my pinterest addiction right now. I'm ripe for something new, though. Perhaps this is it!!!!

Hope you are doing well, my friend!

samos said...

Me too @jenny! Same to you my friend!
~@amanda i have an android, so i don't get as many apps as you, but i'm LOVING it!!! still need to figure out how to reply to comments though... =)
@leanne Oh my friend, are you in for a treat! You SO need to get hooked on this!!! xo