Monday, May 7, 2012

101010 Project: Kelly Warren

As we enter our second week of the 101010 Project,
I'd like to introduce the ever so talented Kelly Warren! 

Name of business: Happy Shack Designs
Social media links:

For my website, visit
For my jewelry on Etsy, visit
For my art and photos on Etsy, visit

Years in business: 7
Brief Bio: An artist with a short attention span, I create work in artisan jewelry, fine art photography, mixed media, and book arts. I've also been known to sew a thing or two. I work full-time by day as the Director of Student Life and Leadership Development at a large four-year college in Florida, and am the lucky mama to wonderfully sweet eight-year-old twin red-headed daughters. I have been married to a handsome man of great patience who's put up with my art shenanigans for 17 years now.
Collaborations: a good idea?
My experience with collaborations has been fairly limited, and I’m not sure the experience I did have would be considered a true collaboration, but I’ll share it and let you decide!
In 2008, I did was a large Fat Book Swap. There were ten women involved and ten themes. The idea was to create 10 cards of each theme (basically the same 4 x 4 card 10 times), meaning we each created 100 total 4 x 4 cards. We then sent everything to the person doing the organizing, the wonderful Roni ( I was amazed at how quickly Roni gathered each participants’ work and sent us out back out a 100-card package of wonderfulness! I had a special box custom crafted to keep my full set in and enjoy looking back through them often.
This collaboration was a challenge for me as I’d just gotten started in mixed media, but it really pushed me to try new things and I found that I really enjoyed the 4 x 4 format. The deadlines pushed me a little bit, but only having to come up with one design for each theme (even though I had to create 10 of each design) helped some. Would I do it again? Absolutely. I learned tons of new techniques, made some great blog friends, and have a beautiful box chock full of 100 pieces of original art to show for it! You can see my entries in the collaboration at this link:
For my website, visit
For my jewelry on Etsy, visit
For my art and photos on Etsy, visit

To read more about the 101010 Project: click HERE


Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Stephanie !

Leanne said...

That's a cool project . . . but I feel fairly certain I would have been slightly overwhelmed a the volume of it alone. I can't wait to head to the link to see what you did! Thanks for sharing your story and experience with us!