Friday, May 4, 2012

101010 Project: Alease McClenningham

Name of Business: 

The School of Creative Business

Social sites:

Twitter: Alease Michelle

Years in business: 4


As an expert, Alease lends knowledge to the press, editorials and serves as a subject-matter expert. She is a sought-after presenter in the areas of creative marketing, personal image, branding and fashion.

As a professor, Alease is committed to her student’s education, furthering their exposure and considers their success a direct reflection of herself.

As a mixed-media artist, Alease participated in several exhibitions. Wishing to market her artistic endeavors, she found little advice available. This, coupled with her passion for education – she tracked her online marketing & branding journey and founded The School of Creative Business.

Current Projects:

On a 12 Week Sabbatical

101 Free Resources to Grow Your Creative Business

Creative Entrepreneurs of the Month Interviews

Starting Points for Creative Entrepreneurs webinars

Collaborations: a good idea?

    Collaboration is the best idea for those wanting to reach a wider audience. I strongly believe that when you start out in any type of business is to seek out others who like your work and are familiar with you as a person. Friends and family is the best people to start the collaboration process they will spread the word about your business, which will then be shared with other liked minded people.


    sonyamacdesigns said...

    YES AM ... Like minded people ROCK when they work as one

    Kelly Warren said...

    Great answer, Alease! I think taking the time to reach out and work with others is so beneficial and can often get you to look at things in ways you might not have otherwise.

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