Monday, May 14, 2012

101010 Project: Stephanie Amos

Stephanie Amos
Name of business: KoiStudios
Social media links:
Years in business: 7 years

I live in the mountains of Colorado with my amazing husband, three loving dogs, two handsome horses, and the queen of all cats. When I'm not out riding, I am usually in one of the two studios at our home where I paint, throw, sculpt and shoot my camera. I am more or less a free spirit in the sense that I can never sit still and am easily distracted by my interest in trying something new. I am fascinated with color and texture which is not limited to just art, but architecture as well. I love to travel and have been to many beautiful places and look forward to seeing the rest of the world real soon.
Collaborations: A Good Idea?
Absolutely! Of course there are always going to be pros and cons with any collaboration, but I have found in most instances, the pros outweigh the cons. I have worked with several different artists in different types of collaborations. Each one was a new adventure where I learned how to do something new or discovered a new found interest.  If you’re not sure collaborations are for you, I suggest you make a list of what you believe the pros and cons to be.  Here are a few possibilities to consider:
working with another artist(s)              
the opportunity to meet new people
 share ideas
working outside of your comfort zone
chance to network
Again, these are only a few possibilities. There are many more that you may come up with according to the collaborative work. But I highly recommend you collaborate at least once in your career. It’s an excellent opportunity to share your ideas as an artist and broaden your own personal horizons.

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