Tuesday, May 1, 2012

101010 Project: Sonja McCllough

Collaborations: a good idea?

I have been blessed with the ability to generate some awesome ideas through prayer, Ideas are abundantly mine. Just for the asking. Conceptual thinking is my gift. The ability to get a project done is also a gift I have been blessed with. While not considering an all important detail is my greatest weakness. This is why I love Collaborations. When women collaborate, they simply get more done and get more done efficiently.
Years in Business = 12
I’m this crazy JESUS loving creative … with 2 children living smack in the middle of Tennessee. The seeds of my creativity were watered with knitting needles, yarn and nine kittens on a rock covered patio in the mid sixties. Today, we hold the fort down with a few less kittens (3) … and thankfully my creative edge remains in tact. I’m often inspired by some odd ball stuff & compelled to create by the sweet whispers of the HOLY Spirit. An idea generator am I. Creative collaboration is a sweet spot with me and many have locked creative hands with me to work on projects like The Bond & Respond Quilt project of 2010, Inspired Studios Magazine & The Creative Biz Marathon. My service to HIM in the body of the church currently is that of Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Southeast Baptist Church Murfreesboro TN.
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sonyamacdesigns said...

thanks for letting us in on your shipping mistake!

samos said...

Ha! Of course. That's how we learn, right? =)

Leanne said...

LOVE to collaborate! And LOVE Sonya's view of it, too! BRAVO!

Kelly Warren said...

Well said Sonya. I love to see people so comfortable in sharing their faith. :-)