Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Friend In NeeD

you are loved

Last week, my friend Robin called out to her fellow artist friends for help on facebook:

Hi everyone! Well I want to come clean with you. Our move to Colorado has been a huge and devastating financial mistake. We are in the midst of coming back to AZ and we are in panic mode. I can't bare to live in this isolation anymore and so for my mental health I need to go back to AZ. In the meantime we have a landlord who has from day one not been very ethical with the lease. We are leaving here with the potential of having to pay rent in two places for two months which as you all know our family was unemployed for 7 months so this will crush us even further. Prayer please! that a renter would come through, that our landlord would not somehow find a way to withhold our deposit, for financial relief. I am scared but hopeful that God see us and I need my friends to agree with me in prayer to move mountains here.

 Robin has so many jobs, two of which are being a military wife and mother of three. There is a donation button on Robin's website for anyone that can help in any way. I am donating the funds from ALL sales I make THIS WEEK. So if you have been wanting a piece of my pottery, a painting or a print, NOW is the time to get it!!! You'll be getting that little piece of art you've been wanting AND it will be going to a good cause!


Valerie Weller said...

I LOVE that you are doing this! Thanks soo much for sharing your art in such a kind way~ hugs valerie

samos said...

Thanks Valerie. I'm so happy that everyone is pulling together for our friend. ;)