Friday, June 29, 2012

Artsy Shots + more

golden © samos

Wednesday I participated in a webinar given by Elaine Horejs, the gallery director for the Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. The workshop was called Insider Secrets to a Successful Art Career. As I listened to what Elaine had to say, I took notes and started making new goals for myself. I have known for quite some time now that I haven't been putting forth the effort it takes to be a successful artist. I've been complacent and now I'm ready to take the leap and CHANGE.

I suppose that with this change I have to figure out why I have been in this rut. I figured out that part of the reason is because I like to work in many different mediums and find it hard to choose just one to focus on. Because of this, I make all my work available with many different venues...

Now that I realize this, I can write down some goals, catagorize them, and get to work. I also need to make a schedule and figure out how much of my time I will devote to making art, marketing, etc. 

road to nowhere © samos

While taking this workshop, I also realized what I don't want to do as an artist. For now, I'm not interested in showing in galleries. I am perfectly happy working on my own and want to focus on that. So even though the class was geared alot towards getting into galleries, I learned what I want for my career right now and have re-lit that burning desire to succeed.

Since taking the workshop I have been working on one of my ETSY shops that sells strictly photography. I changed the spelling of the name, made a new banner, and am getting ready to list a bunch of new work. Did you even know I had a photography shop? If you do, I'm surprised. I rarely talk about it and have pretty much abandoned it to pursue other things like making pottery. But that's about to change. I hope you can stop by Artsy Shots and take a look. I would love to hear what you have to say.

...As most of you have seen or hear, our beautiful state is still burning with over 10 fires right now. It has been devastating for so many who have lost their homes. But there are many organizations that you can contribute to if you want to help out. One that I like is called WildFireTees. A bunch of Colorado designers teamed up and created a charity that benefits Colorado wildfire victims. 100% of all the proceeds help these people that are in desperate need right now. I'm looking forward to getting my Make it Rain tee! What about you?


Kelly Warren said...

I have the same "want to work in too many mediums" challenge too! I have my jewelry shop and I have my photography shop and I do juried shows with both. And I'm getting more and more addicted to mixed media and particularly mixed media books. Sometimes it's all a bit overwhelming! :-) I guess that's the downside of our artsy brains! Best of luck in working through your reinvigorated path. These photos are lovely. Prayers you ways for the fires.

samos said...

Thanks Kelly! Same to you! And thank you for your sweet words. =)
Hope you get to feeling better real soon!